Merajuk pada yang sayang; mengharap pada yang sudi

I was fumbled when one of my colleagues mentioned the above quote to a few of us.  I asked her whether she believes in the meaning of the quote. She said, of course, and she was adamant in insisting that you would only be sulking to the person you love so that you will get to be wheedled by him/her.

I asked her again what if you are sulking and the person ignores you. She said, to her, his/her love does not exist or questionable.  She continued to explain - the quote was written by the Wise centuries ago and those wise people won't be writing quotes if it is not true. It makes me ponder...does love exist after all? Or it was merely fulfilling responsibility?

Well, I stopped sulking and hoping loooooong time ago since it wastes my time and energy. No point. I have never been wheedled when I was/ am sulking. I'd end up feeling frustrated and sorrowful. Over the years, I had learnt to accept the setbacks.  I learnt to be less sensitive and become tough emotionally. Consequently, do not complain if I am less sensitive to my surroundings.

I have stopped sulking
I have stopped hoping

What remains?

Love for Allah.
I will not feel frustrated and that is for sure.

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