I am a Youtuber


Hi every one.

My last post was in 2016! That was quite some time... Ever since I was asked to become the head of the Co curriculum Unit and later the Head of the Public Relation and External Affairs department, I had very little time to write in this blog of mine. Mid last year my department was dissolved as the director of the campus sees that the department is no longer relevant as COVID19 prevents visitors to come over to our campus.  I believe every thing happens for reasons. Now that I am no longer holding admin post, I could do what I love to do which is TEACHING!

The pandemic is actually a blessing in disguise. Teachers got to be creative to make sure teaching and learning happen.  While looking for ways to improve my skills in ICT, I came across advertisement made by edidik Malaysia asking teachers to register in Akademi YouTuber. 

I have never thought that I would become a YouTuber.  I register myself to Akademi Youtuber some time in mid 2020. My first intention of joining was to learn how to create videos for teaching and learning. Besides, as a teacher trainer, I thought I should see what's trending on the ground and keep up with the technology so that I would be able to train the student teachers well.  However, the most important reason of all is I want to leave something that could help me generate income that would benefit me in the hereafter, i.e. when I no longer exist in this world.

Now, after 8 months of becoming a YouTuber, I got more than 1000 subscribers who subscribe to my YouTube Channel. which makes me eligible to move on to Challenge 5 in Akademi Youtuber.

I will write again soon!

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