Take charge




Life is like a canvas.

We hold the brush.

We choose the colours.

We draw the picture.

We paint the picture to our liking.

The outcome of our drawing and painting

depends on the knowledge we have

depends on the experience we have encountered

depends on the emotional state we are in

depends on the value we hold

depends on the plan we have laid out

depends on the will power to practice

depends on Allah’s grace

to make the drawing and the painting perfect.


Life is full of choices.

At one time or many other times

we are forced to make choices in life.

Some chose to travel on road less travelled by.

Some chose to just be safe and follow the crowds.

Some dare to dive from the cliff just for self-satisfaction.


We are responsible for the choices we make.

Place our hope and faith very high.


Anything less,

We just have ourselves to blame.


Written by,

Nurulhana Hussain


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