Retirement Plan


I have already submitted my application to retire in September 2023. I pray all is well and Allah will ease the process. Reflecting my first posting back in 1990, I could not believe that I would have finally come to the end of my career as an educator at 55 next year insya Allah.

Many of my colleagues are surprised and they asked me why I would not want to wait until I am 60 for compulsory retirement. My answer to them is 'I want to retire while I am still healthy.'

Let me list down my plans after my retirement.

  1. Sign up for fardhu ain classes twice a week.
  2. Do charity work - I'll find one tahfiz school and do volunteer work once or twice a week on regular basis.
  3. Be a full time YouTuber. Produce one video a day and conduct live classes with Akademi YouTuber.
  4. Write novels and update blogs
  5. Sew curtains and crafts
  6. Teach and play with my grandchildren
  7. Go travel with spouse or girl friends
  8. Do house chores
  9. Join Tai Chi every morning on weekdays
The list will continue .... I'll be occupied I know. I would be able to do things I love at my own sweet time. No more punch in and punch out. No more due dates to meet. 

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