My own domain!


Alhmadulillah, all praise to Allah. My blog has it's own domain and I am the proud owner of

I've been a blogger since 2008. I started writing a blog when I started my journey as a master student in University Malaya back in early 2008. As I was majoring in Instructional Technology, most classes required me to write my reflection towards what I have learned using blogspot.  I used to be a consistent writer until I held admin post as Head of Unit and later Head of Department that I could not find time to write and share my post. 

When Akademi YouTuber initiated the effort that AYU YouTuber should also become blogger using our own domain, I think it is timely that I revive my blog. I used to have my own website using moodle but I have stopped subscribing to my hosting and domain ever since Google Classroom could be used for teaching and learning for free.

InsyaAllah I will start writing again regularly on weekly basis. See you all soon!


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